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The word “Jubilee” is a derivative of Jubal, the inventor of musical instruments (Gen. 4:21). Music ushered in the year of Jubilee by the musical sound of the trumpet


Jesus is the Pioneer of our salvation by His death on the cross. His was not the first to be crucified, but His was the first to be crucified and raise from the dead. He pioneered our salvation through His sufferings on Calvary and resurrection from the dead.


This is a very blessed title of Christ once a person understands what being a “surety” entails. In this message I want to deal with the WHAT, WHY, and WHO of our suretyship.

Save Yourselves

While it is impossible to “save yourself” from your sins and going to hell, we are exhorted to “save ourselves” from “this untoward generation.”

Weekly LifeGroup Lesson

Living in the Real: Lesson 1 | Week of Aug. 13th

Scripture Reading Rom. 13:11-14; 1 Cor. 15:30-34; Eph. 5:3-17 Lesson 1: Wake Up! God wants us to live by Biblical realities and have a real impact on the world. [1] Questions for LifeGroup Leaders: VIEW AND PRINT QUESTIONS HERE Note(s) to LifeGroup Leaders: Bible Baptist Church believes that all scripture is given by inspiration of God […]


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