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Transfiguration of Christ

The transfiguration is the fulfillment of that promised “preview.” The transfiguration is a miniature picture of the coming kingdom. The transfiguration took place on “an high mountain apart” (probably Mount Hermon, close to Caesarea Philippi).
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A Faith That Wins

Matthew 15:21-28; Mark 7:24-30 In Matthew 14 we learn about Peter’s “little faith” (14:31). In Matthew 15 we find a Gentile woman with “great faith” (15:28). Only two people in the Bible are said to have “great faith” —A Gentile centurion with a dying servant (8:10). And this Gentile mother with a daughter vexed by […]
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Water Walking Faith

Mark 6:45-53 cf. Matthew 14:22-33 (text v. 31) Immediately after the miracle of feeding 5,000, Jesus constrains the disciples to get into their boat and go back to “the other side” of the sea o Galilee. This is their fourth trip across the Sea of Galilee within a few days (Mk. 4:35; 5:21; 6:32; 6:45). […]

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