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Thankfulness of Jesus

Jesus Giving Thanks (A Thanksgiving Sermon) Luke 10:21 The Bible abounds with examples of thanksgiving. The word “thanks” occurs 139 times. There are over 300 references to the word “praise” which is another form of giving thanks. As we read the four gospels, we find the Lord Jesus Christ giving thanks. This is somewhat remarkable […]
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Christs Triumphal Entry

In this message we will take a look at Christ entering Jerusalem to present Himself to Israel as their King. Christ’s Triumphal Entry parallels His second coming (Rev. 19:11-12).

Showdown at Mt Carmel

This is a S.S. lesson taught in my Pastor’s Bible Class in a series of 1 Kings. We hope you find it helpful and useful in your life and ministry. If you live in the area of our church, please join us as we study 1 Kings together. There are many lessons God wants us to learn from this great Old Testament book.
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Jesus’ Commendation of a Good Work

Jesus is making His final approach to Calvary. He arrives at Bethany a few days before He will be crucified. Bethany was two miles from Jerusalem. Jesus visited Bethany six times. Bethany appears to be one of Christ’s favorite places to visit (not Nazareth… Jerusalem).

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