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Why Sleep Ye-A Question of Vigilance

Luke 22:39-46 (text: v. 46) [Questions Jesus Asks] This is the night before Christ’s crucifixion. It is the night He is betrayed by a so-called “friend” and forsaken by His disciples. 1. A night of CONSPIRACY. While Jesus is praying, Judas is leading a band of soldiers to arrest Jesus. 2. A night of COURAGE. If you […]

God’s Super Bowl

Revelation 16:1-21 Today is “Super Bowl Sunday”—The champion football teams from the NFC and the AFC compete for Super Bowl glory (North Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos). It is the biggest day of the year for football fans. People will crowd into taverns, bars, and living rooms equipped with wide-screen TV’s to watch the spectacle. Some churches have even […]
More about Jesus- 3 pic combo

Counting the Cost: A Question of Discipleship

Luke 14:25-33 [Questions Jesus Asks] The Bible is more than a book of theological truth. It is also an immensely practical Book that tells you how to live. The parable of Jesus in our text teaches a great practical lesson— Before undertaking a project, the first thing you should do is “count the cost”—How much will cost to complete the […]

Investing in Heaven

To have a reward in heaven you must invest in heaven. The very words “lay up” indicate we must do something. If you don’t “LAY UP” a treasure, you will not have a treasure.

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