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Which of You Shall Have A Friend

Luke 11:1-8 [Question of True Friendship] This is a parable Jesus taught about prayer in answer to the disciples request in verse 1. We need to be taught to pray, because prayer isn’t natural. It is a supernatural act. The disciples are to be commended for wanting to learn more about prayer. Not many are […]

Conversion of a Working Mom

Acts 16:9-40 On this Mother’s Day we will look at a “working” Mom who got saved, named Lydia. She was the first convert in Europe—If you are of European descent, you owe a lot to Lydia! A very pretty name. But, how many women do you know named Lydia? Three significant conversions in Acts 16: Lydia […]
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Which of You Convinceth me of Sin

John 8:46 This question deals with “the sinlessness of Jesus.” By the sinlessness of Jesus we mean His absolute perfection… Holiness… and purity. The idea of a perfect and sinless man had never occurred to anyone— until Jesus came. It was a given that a sinless life was impossible because of man’s sin nature. The […]
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What Wilt Thou

Mark 10:32–52 (text: vs. 36, 51) Something we’ve learned by studying the questions Jesus asks is—Jesus never asks a question because He doesn’t know the answer. He asks questions to enlighten man’s mind to his spiritual condition and reveal what is in man. When asked a question, it forces you to think. Depending on the question, it may require […]

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