Have you ever sought Christian counseling and felt like you’ve reached a dead end? Our main objective is to recall the Three-Point Misbelief Therapy Outline to help us replace lies and to tell yourself the truth.

This chapter talks about using the truth with wisdom and compassion. Sometimes we can do harm by causing those we are trying to help to feel guilty and anxious with our well-meaning words. Some counselors, in an attempt to give someone the help he or she needs, will actually devastate the person.[1]

God did not intend for believers to live in misery or despair. Jesus came to give abundant life![2] You are never alone. Only truth will set you free.

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[1] William Backus & Marie Chapian. Telling Yourself the Truth. (Minneapolis: Bethany House, 2000), 229.

[2] Jn. 10:10.

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