Joseph experience an immense amount of pain in the midst of his promotion through the ranks of Egypt. Yet, the author of Hebrews does not highlight his individual acts of integrity and patience to demonstrate his marvelous faith. Bullinger describes the Holy Spirit’s intent in mentioning this single act of faith:

The Holy Spirit, here, does not direct our attention to all those things which we delight to dwell upon; all the types foreshadowing the humiliation, rejection, suffering, death, exaltation, and glory of the true Joseph; but to one simple act of faith; greater, more blessed, and more precious than all the acts of his eventual life.[1]

Without a doubt, it is what Joseph prophesied in the final hours of his life revealed what he believed about the promises of God.

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[1] E.W. Bullinger. Great Cloud of Witnesses in Hebrews Eleven. (Grand Rapids, MI: Kregal, 1979), 213-14.

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