What is so different about us?

I am often asked, “What makes your church different from other churches?”

Briefly, there are four distinctives that set Bible Baptist Church apart from most churches in Port Orchard:

First, and foremost, Bible Baptist Church is a church of ONE BOOK. Our authority is not in a series of books, committees, or some man. The King James Bible is the perfect Word of God and it is our only authority.

Secondly, we believe in “rightly dividing the Word of truth” (2 Tim. 2:15). This statement has been removed from every modern version of the Bible. For the Bible to be understood, it must be “rightly divided.” Therefore, we study the Bible from a dispensational perspective.

Thirdly, the ministries of Bible Baptist Church are prioritized in accordance to the mission of preaching the gospel to the lost and making them disciples of Jesus Christ.

Fourthly, Bible Baptist Church is NON-AFFILIATED and is self-governing. We are not tied to any convention, association or fellowship of churches. We call our own pastor, deacons and missionaries as the Lord leads. All funds are distributed according to the church budget approved by our congregation.

In conclusion, Bible Baptist is the oldest independent Baptist church in Kitsap County with a long heritage, dating back to 1958. We look forward to a fruitful future in ministry until the Lord returns for His own!

Your spiritual need is our responsibility to serve for the glory of God.