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Life Group Questions for the week of August 3rd

by Pastor Al
ICE-BREAKER:  Tell about a time when you prayed, but felt like God wasn’t listening.  What did you do? SCRIPTURE: Matthew 15:21-28 What was so “great” about this mother’s faith in Matthew 15:28 that made it greater than Peter’s “little faith” in Matthew 14:31? This grieving mother “cried” unto Jesus and His disciples (Mt. 15:22-23).  Can […]

Life Group “Talking Points” for the week of June 15

by Pastor Al
ICEBREAKER:  What was one of your most memorable times you spent with your Dad? SCRIPTURE: Luke 8:41-56 1.  What did you take away from Sunday’s message of “JAIRUS: A Great Dad?” 2.  .How do you think Jairus felt about the woman interrupting Jesus coming to heal his dying daughter? 3.  Why was Jairus “astonished” (v. […]