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Life Group Questions for the week of May 24, 2015

by Pastor Al

Life Group Questions for the week of May 24, 2015 Ice Breaker: Tell about a time you failed the Lord and how it made you feel? Text: John 21:15-23 SERMON SUMMARY:  Jesus confronts Peter after he failed the Lord several times surrounding the events of Christ’s death on the cross.  Jesus asks Peter three times […]

Life Group Questions for May 17, 2015

by Pastor Al

Ice-Breaker:  Share an experience when you went fishing.  What happened? Sermon summary:  Read John 21:1-14.   The disciples were waiting for Jesus at Galilee as He told them.  While waiting, they go fishing but catch nothing.  Jesus shows up on shore the next morning, but they don’t recognize Him at first. After following Jesus’ instructions they catch 153 […]

LIFE GROUP QUESTIONS for February 15, 201

by Pastor Al

ICE BREAKER: Share a Valentine Day blessing. SCRIPTURE READING: Luke 23:26-33 1.  How do you think Simon felt about being compelled to carry Jesus’s cross? 2. Why did Jesus tell the “daughters of Jerusalem” not to weep for Him (Luke 23:27)? 3. What do the “green tree” and “the dry” signify (Luke 23:31)? 4. How do […]

Suggested Life Group Questions for the week of November 23

by Pastor Al

What did you learn from the message on “Jesus Giving Thanks?” Besides leaving us an example of being thankful, can you think of any other reason why Jesus was thankful being He is God to being with? Why would God “hide” spiritual truth from anyone? Have you ever prayed for a meal in public and […]

Life Group Questions for the week of August 3rd

by Pastor Al

ICE-BREAKER:  Tell about a time when you prayed, but felt like God wasn’t listening.  What did you do? SCRIPTURE: Matthew 15:21-28 What was so “great” about this mother’s faith in Matthew 15:28 that made it greater than Peter’s “little faith” in Matthew 14:31? This grieving mother “cried” unto Jesus and His disciples (Mt. 15:22-23).  Can […]

Life Group “Talking Points” for the week of June 15

by Pastor Al

ICEBREAKER:  What was one of your most memorable times you spent with your Dad? SCRIPTURE: Luke 8:41-56 1.  What did you take away from Sunday’s message of “JAIRUS: A Great Dad?” 2.  .How do you think Jairus felt about the woman interrupting Jesus coming to heal his dying daughter? 3.  Why was Jairus “astonished” (v. […]