Scripture Reading

Judges 8

Lesson 6: Bad Attitudes

“Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life” (Proverbs 4:23).

People of each generation must establish their own relationships with God. God has children, but He does not have grandchildren. A new generation cannot live on the spiritual experiences of the previous generation. The present generation has the responsibility of teaching the new generation the ways of God (Psalm 78:1-8). One way we can do this is to demonstrate good attitudes about the Lord and our relationship with the Lord. If we are proud, cynical, irreverent, grouchy, negative, or bitter, our children and grandchildren may copy those bad attitudes. But, if we are trusting, content, humble, and grateful, they will most likely copy those positive attitudes. [1]

Recommended Questions for LifeGroup Leaders:

  • Page 49, Questions 1, 2

  • Page 50, Questions 3, 4, 5

  • Page 51, Questions 7, 9

  • Page 52, Questions 12, 13

  • Page 53, Questions 14, 15, 17

  • Page 54, Question 19

Note(s) to LifeGroup Leaders:

  • Please read most of the commentary to your LifeGroup. You may summarize it if necessary, but there is nothing wrong with reading it. If you are a husband and wife team leading, perhaps take turns reading to the group. There is valuable review of the Scripture passages and application for effective discussion. Use your LifeGroup members to read Scripture.

  • The “Making It Personal” section is not designed for group discussion. These are questions that you might use to conclude before prayer. They are questions that prompt personal conviction and application. Please use them at your discretion to help your group.


[1] Glimmers of Hope in Dark Times: Judges and Ruth. (Schaumburg, IL: Regular Baptist Press, 2005), 54.

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