We have designed and ordered business cards for the Christmas 2011 play (@ Bible Baptist Port Orchard, 18 Dec. 10 am). We will have them available on Sunday the 6th.

Each of these cards has a web link to this Christmas Play 2011 topic. Additionally, they have a QR code that people can scan with their smart phones, iPads and the like, and go right to the topic. Let’s try to get as many of these distributed as we can because they will help us not only promote the play itself, but gather and learn some valuable, useful information about what people will respond to and how.

As I said, the link will go to this category. Josh is writing a post that is the plan of salvation presented through the thought “It’s a Personal Choice”, which is not only true of salvation, but is the subtitle and basic theme of the play! Having the gospel presented is the most important part of this project. Pastor Hughes, when he announced this play, mentioned how this play was the first of an ongoing 4-per-year outreach event schedule. Let’s make this first one the best we can, and really rock Port Orchard WA! It is time to show Kitsap County that Bible Baptist Church is GREAT!

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