Our new LifeGroup series will focus on faith. The lessons will be anchored in Hebrews chapter eleven and loosely based on the commentary, Great Cloud of Witnesses in Hebrews Eleven, by E.W. Bullinger[1]. This chapter is referred to by many believers as the “Hall of Faith”. The author of Hebrews gives us insight into the lives of men and women who proved great faith. By the end of this comprehensive study, you will have a firm grasp of what faith is and how you apply it to your daily walk with Christ.

Thank you for taking a moment to view this week’s LifeGroup lesson. We encourage you to open and print this study to enrich your time of fellowship, discussion, and prayer. Invite someone to your LifeGroup today! Please leave a comment and share your experience. Have a blessed week.

Contact Pastor DeSpain if you have any questions.




[1] Warren Wiersbe emphasizes in the foreword, “…no other book on Hebrews eleven…contains more solid spiritual teaching and practical truth…this book touches life and makes living by faith an exciting and practical experience. Dr. Bullinger held some doctrinal views that perhaps some of us might not agree with; but this disagreement must not rob us of the blessings of his written ministry.”


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