In Part One we dealt with the question: “Is the Bible the Word of God?”
First, we must have an understanding of what we mean when we say “the Bible.”
When some people say “the Bible” they are not referring to any book they can
actually read or handle. They are either referring to the original manuscripts /
autographs, or they mean some mystical “bible” that is in heaven. Because no one
has a copy of either one of these so-called “bibles,” it is a moot point, since
there is no way to prove if it’s God’s Word or not. It is an argument of straw.
We will dispose of that notion right now.

When I say “the Bible” I am speaking of a single book you can hold in your hand
and read. That is something that can be either proved or disproved. That is what
this series of articles is set out to confirm.

The next logical question we must ask is: Which Bible? There are hundreds
of different Bibles that are available. Is there one among them that is the
perfect Word of God? I believe there is.

As I write this article, there is a King James Bible sitting before me. I’m
looking at it. I can open it. I can read it. Is what I read in this Bible the
words of God? I believe so.

Someone may be asking, “Aren’t all Bibles the Word of God.” That’s impossible
since they all read differently. Some “Bibles” have entire verses missing. Some
have reworded verses so they mean different things. How can they all be the Word
of God when they don’t read the same?

I come back to the only four possible positions a person can take on this issue:

1. The Bible is the Word of God.
2. The Bible contains the Word of God.
3. The Bible is not the Word of God.
4. I don’t know if the Bible is the Word of God.

Before I close this segment in this series, I must ask you to consider—If your
position is #1, but you do not believe the King James Bible is the perfect Word
of God, then which Bible do you mean? Do you have a perfect Bible? If you don’t,
then at best all you have is an imperfect book that only CONTAINS the Word of
God. That is, some of it is NOT the Word of God (position #2).

I have NEVER heard of anyone who claimed the NIV, or NKJV, or NAS, or CEV, etc.
is the perfect Word of God. However, I know of multitudes who believe the KJV is
the perfect Word of God. I am one of them.

In the rest of these articles when I say “the Bible” I’m referring to the King
James Bible I have on my desk. It is the perfect Word of God (position #1).

In Part Three we will delve into positions #1 and #2 a little deeper. Don’t go

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