Let’s review the four possible positions a person can take concerning whether
or not the Bible is the Word of God: (1) The Bible is the Word of God.
The Bible contains the Word of God. (3) The Bible is not the Word
of God. (4) I don’t know if the Bible is the Word of God. Using the
process of elimination, we are seeking to show that the only reasonable position
is the first one.

So far we have eliminated position #2 showing a perfect God requires a perfect
Bible. Only one Bible translation claims perfection and that is the KJV (see
articles 2, 3, and 5). Position #3 is not tenable because it fails to
satisfactory answer the question “Who wrote the Bible?” (see article 4). If God
did not write the Bible, who did? Someone answers, “Men wrote the Bible.” What
kind of men—Good men? Bad men? Mad men? If the writers were bad men or mad men,
explain how they could produce such a Book that turns bad men into good men? If
good men wrote it, and they claimed to be writing God’s words over 3,000 times,
why don’t you believe it?

That leaves us with position #4—“I don’t know if the Bible is the Word of God.”
Do you want to know, or do you want to remain ignorant? There is a way you can
know if you’re honest. Jesus said, “If any man will do his will, he shall
KNOW of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself”

(John 7:17).

Here is my challenge to anyone who holds the fourth position:

  1. Promise to read three chapters a day in the Gospel of John with
    an open heart over the next three months.
  2. Before you read each day pray: “God, show me if this is Book is really
    Your Word or not. If it is really Your Word, give me faith to believe.”
  3. Let me know if you will accept this challenge and I will also pray for
    God to show you the truth of His Word.

Is this an unreasonable thing to ask of an honest seeker of truth? I believe if
you will honestly and faithfully do these three things, you will come to believe
the Bible is the Word of God. If you won’t do these three simple things, I
question if you really want to know the truth.

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