Many people who do not believe the Bible is the Word of God have rejected it without even reading it. They simply parrot what they heard some skeptic say. It would be a more intellectual approach if they would study it for themselves so they could make an intelligent decision whether to reject or accept it, instead of taking someone else’s word for it.
What I, or anyone else, has to say about the Bible is not as important as what the Bible says for itself. There is an internal consistency that is nothing less than miraculous. Consider this classic illustration from Dr. R.A. Torrey:

Suppose it were proposed to build in our Capital City of Washington a temple that should represent the stone products of every State in the Union—Some from the marble quarries of Marlboro, New Hampshire; others from the granite quarries of Barre, Vermont and Quincy, Massachusetts; some from the brown-stone quarries of Middleton, Connecticut, etc. The stones were to be of all sizes and shapes. Each stone was to be hewn into it’s final shape at the quarry from which it was taken. Not a stone was to be touched by mallet or chisel after it reached it’s destination in the Capital.

Finally, the stones are at Washington and the builders go to work. As they build, they find that every stone fits perfectly into each other stone. It is found that there is not one stone too many, or one stone too few.
There, risen before you, a temple with its sidewalls, its buttresses, its arches, its roof, its pinnacles, perfect in every detail. Yet every individual stone was hewn into it’s final shape in the quarry from which it was taken—HOW WOULD YOU ACCOUNT FOR IT?  There is only one way to account for it:Back of the individual quarrymen there was a master architect who planned the wholebuilding from the beginning, and gave to each individual quarryman his work and specifications. This is precisely what we find in the Temple of Eternal Truth, which we call the Bible. Sixty-six stones quarried over three continents by some forty quarrymen during a span of fifteen centuries. These sixty-six stones are of all conceivable sizes and shapes, yet they all fit perfectly together forming one Book that is indestructible, infallible, and inexhaustible. It’s message is singular from cover to cover without a single proven contradiction. How do you account for it?
There is only one way—GOD WROTE IT!

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