Passage: Psalm 70

1.  Psalm 70 is a prayer, but not one that many Christians would pray today.  Is it ok to pray for harm to come to your enemies or does this contradict Christ’s teaching to love your neighbor?

2.  In verse 5, David acknowledges his weakness and his need of God.  What happens when people fail to realize, or forget, their need of God?

3.  Three times in this Psalm we see David pleading with the Lord to hurry up.  Would you say this indicates a lack of faith on David’s part?  Why or why not?

4.  Application:  What can we be doing more of to magnify the Lord?  Once you know “how” to magnify the Lord, will you follow through and do it?

5.  Application:  Do we let our circumstances get in the way of our magnifying the Lord?  What can we do to prevent that from happening?

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