Passage:  The book of Jonah, with emphasis on chapter 4.

1.  The Bible doesn’t record if Jonah had a response to God after what’s said in chapter 4 and verse 11, but what do you suppose his response might have been?

2.  Seeing Jonah’s intense anger and hatred for the gentiles of Nineveh, why do you think God chose him to preach there?

3.  What do you suppose it was that caused the people of Nineveh to repent after hearing Jonah’s message?

4.  Application:  How do we stop our own hearts from hardening when we see people sinning every day?

5.  Application:  We’re not told what justification Jonah might have given for his choosing to disobey God, but I’m sure he had some great excuses.  What are you called to do that you are running away from, and what will it take to get you to do it?

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