Suggested Icebreaker:  What was your biggest blessing from Jubilee last week?

***Summarize this week’s message using the Pastor’s Sermon Notes***

Passage: Psalm 114

1.  Verse 2 makes an interesting distinction between Judah and Israel.  Why do you think Judah was set apart from Israel to be God’s sanctuary?

2.  God’s presence among us is what makes the church such a unique place of gathering, and being in God’s presence should be our focus/reason for coming to church.  What are some of the other reasons that we substitute for it?  What is the result of coming to church for the wrong reasons?

3.  In this Psalm, we see the things of Creation fleeing from the presence of the Creator.  Why can’t the things of this world stand in God’s presence?

4.  Do you believe Christians should tremble at the presence of the Lord?  Why or why not?

5.  Application:  How do we mark ourselves as separated from this world, and why is this so important?

6.  Application:  Just as God went ahead of Israel and removed obstacles from them, He goes ahead of us and removes obstacles in our paths today.  What obstacle has God removed for you, and what obstacle do you cling to even when you know you should let go?


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