Life Group Discussion Questions

Week of December 4, 2011

Passage: Luke 2:1-14

1.  It may seem odd to us that the shepherds were given a sign that they needed to find.  Why do you think God seems to want us to seek Him when He certainly knows where we are?

2.  Of all the people that could have been visited that night and told these good tidings of great joy, why do you suppose this message was delivered to shepherds?

3.  When these shepherds had received the message, they responded without delay or even a thought for their own sheep.  Are you more prone to follow the good example of these shepherds or fight with God about it in the manner of Jonah?

4.  Application:  God’s peace plan for the world requires that His glorious gospel be shared.  How can we, individually and as a body of believers, do more to reach the lost for Christ?

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