Passage:  1 Samuel 17 (The story of David vs. Goliath)

1.  If David represents Jesus in this story, and Goliath represents the Anti-Christ…who does that make us? (Hint:  See verse 24)  Seeing that Jesus has already conquered sin and death, why are so many Christians still on the sidelines instead of out claiming their victories?  (See verse 52)

2.  Verse 42 is a classic picture of a foolish man underestimating his enemy.  Why was Goliath so cocky?

3.  Verses 34-37 show us how God had prepared David for this event.  Can you think of a time when you faced a lion or a bear in you life, only to see in hindsight that it was God working in your life to prepare you for your future?

4.  Application:  David’s speech to Goliath in verses 46 & 47 shows us David’s heart, and what a heart it is!  What cause will you stand for?  WHO will you stand for?  (Joshua 24:15)

5. ADDITIONAL QUESTION (from Pastor Hughes): David had a worthy cause (v. 29) to remove the source of reproach (v. 26) and make God known (v. 46). What are some other worthy causes YOU can live for?  Also, have you publicized your commitment?

God is greater than any man, any armor, any sword!

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