Life Group Discussion Questions

Week of January 1, 2012

Passage: Deuteronomy 11:7-17

1.  In verse 8 of this passage, we see that strength and victory are promised to those who are obedient (See also verses 13-15).  What then are we giving up when we are not obedient to God?

2.  Israel’s military victory in the land of Canaan was a foregone conclusion to God and not even directly mentioned in the passage, but Israel through lack of faith still missed out on this victory for 40 years.  What victories do you think God has waiting for you that you have not had the faith to claim?

3.  In verse 12, we see God looking not only at his children, but at their future home.  Our God sees and knows circumstances that we may not see in our own life for many years.  He has literally known the challenges you’d have before you since before your birth.  Why then do you think that more people won’t yield to God’s leading in their lives?

4.  Application:  In verses 7 & 8, God states that He expects obedience from Israel because they have seen His mighty works.  As a child of God, you also know of His mighty works!  As we begin a new year, will you be more obedient to God than you were last year?  How so?

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