Life Group Discussion Questions

Week of January 15th, 2012

Passages:  Romans 12:10-21, Romans 15:5-7

1.  Romans 12:14 tells us that we are to bless and curse not, specifically in regard to those who persecute us.  Why is this so difficult to practice?

2.  Romans 15:7 teaches that we are to accept others the way Christ has accepted us.  What can we learn from Christ’s example?

3.  Romans 15:5 states that we are to be likeminded, which sounds simple enough, but how do we get there?

4.  Application:  It is very obvious from God’s Word that our relationships with one another matter a great deal.  What are some things you do to maintain and strengthen your relationships?

5.  Application:  What is something that we as a Life Group can do to strengthen our relationships with one another?

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