Passage: 1 Samuel 28:5-20

1.  In verse 8, we see Saul disguising himself before going to see the witch of Endor.  Why do you think he did this, and whom did he fool with his disguise?

2.  In verse 19, Samuel reveals that God is not just judging Saul, but all of Israel for disobedience.  Seeing that the command to attack Amalek had been given to Saul, why do you think God condemned the whole nation?

3.  Chapter 28 is really all about the terrible price of disobedience.  We see that even when he discovers the price he’ll pay, Saul still doesn’t repent of his sins.  Why do you think that is, and can you think of a time when you fell into the same trap?

4.  Saul conveniently overlooked sin when it suited him to do so (witchcraft), even pardoning it.  Discuss how we are called to be different in that regard.

5.  Application:  Rather than condemning Saul for his stubborn refusal to get right with God and thereby becoming hypocrites, let us first examine ourselves and consider where we need to get right with God.

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