Passage: Luke 12:16-21

1.  In verse 16, we read that this man’s ground brought forth bountifully.  For what reason did God bless this man with such abundance?

2.  In verse 20, we see that this man is condemned and will not live to enjoy his wealth.  God asks him an interesting question:  “Whose shall these things be, which thou hast provided?”  What do you think God wanted that man to realize by asking that?

3.  In verse 17, we read this man reasoning out what he will do with the wealth that has been given him.  Do you think he would have acted differently if, instead of trusting his own wisdom, he would have asked a man of God for counsel?  If you came into a large sum of money, would you ask the Preacher for his counsel?

4.  Application:  In this passage, this man decides to keep his wealth for himself and use it as his retirement fund.  Seeing that God condemned him for that, what should he have done differently?  Are you setting aside more for your own future comfort than you give to God?


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