Suggested Icebreaker:  If you could travel back in time to observe any ONE event in history, what would it be?

***Summarize this week’s message using the Pastor’s Sermon Notes***

Passage: 1 Chronicles 26:18

1.  We all have a Parbar, a place appointed for us to serve…where’s yours?

2.  In verse 13, we see that these positions were filled by the casting of lots.  Why do you think the church doesn’t use this technique today?

3.  What happens to a church when the people refuse to serve?  What would change if EVERY Christian were willing to serve?

4.  Application:  What has the Lord equipped you to do for Him?  How are you using the talents/abilities He gave you?

5.  Application:  What does it cost to serve the Lord, and why should we serve anyway?

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