Passage:  Psalm 46

1.  Verse 1 reminds us that God is a refuge, a source of strength, and a very present help in trouble, but clearly He is not those things to all people.  What are some other things that people trust as their refuge, strength, and help in trouble?  Why are all those things inferior to God?

2.  Usually, we take a little time now and then to admire all the beauty that God has created.  Verse 8, however, calls us to stop and consider the desolation that God has created as well.  Why is it just as important to consider the desolation as it is the beauty?

3.  This psalm is ultimately a picture of deliverance from trouble.  What is your favorite story of deliverance? (Personal, Biblical, Historical, etc.)

4.  Application:  Have you ever seen someone standing in the rain when a shelter was nearby?  Have you weathered storms in your life through simple stubbornness?  What prevented you from coming to God and seeking refuge in Him?

5.  Application:  What are some things we can do to remind us to stand in God’s strength and not our own?

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