Passage:  Acts 15:1-14

1.  What is the yoke that Peter refers to in verse 10?  Why do you think the disciples and the Jews were unable to bear it?

2.  Why do you think the Jews rejected their own Messiah?

3.  Contrast Peter’s obedience in taking God’s message to the Gentiles with Jonah’s disobedience in not going to Nineveh.  What are the results of either obeying or disobeying God’s will?
4.  Why aren’t Gentiles under the Law of Moses?  Are the Jews still under the Law of Moses? If not, why not?  Does the church still need to keep any of the Law of Moses? If so, what part?
5.  Application:  Note that in verse 3, Paul and Barnabas took time to share the gospel while they were on their way to Jerusalem where they had been called by the church to settle an important question.  Are we too busy to share the gospel today?
What can we let go of to make more time for the things of God?
(revised, Pastor Hughes permission)
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