Text: 1 Samuel 18

1.  Why do you think none of Saul’s wicked plans for David ever came to fruition?  Is it really David that Saul is fighting against? (See verse 12)

2.  Saul intentions for David in this chapter were all bad, but what did God do with those plans?  (See verses 16 & 28-29)

3.  In verse 25, we see one of Saul’s schemes for getting David killed.  Contrast this with David’s own treatment of Uriah in 2 Samuel 11.  Do you think similar motivations were at work in both cases?

4.  Why was Saul holding the javelin (in verse 10) in the first place?  Why was David, by extreme contrast, holding a harp?

5.  Do you ever deal with jealousy and how are you responding to it in your life? (ADDED by A. JENSEN)

6.  Application:  We see the correct behavior exhibited in David’s responses, whether to fame or hardship.  (See verses 5, 14, & 30)  How do we emulate David’s “wise” behavior?


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