Passage: Gospel of John, chapter 19, verses 25-30

1.  Notice in verse 27 that John didn’t take Mary to “a” home, but to HIS home.  Contrast this example from God’s Word with how elderly parents are treated in American culture today.  Which one is the example we should be following?  Why don’t more Christians choose to honor their parents like Jesus did?

2.  This passage records the last few moments of Jesus’ life on Earth, and even here we find Jesus putting others first.  What keeps us from following Christ’s example?

3.  Why was John chosen?  If we desire to be chosen by God for an important task, what must we do?

4.  List 5 qualities that John shows here that we should emulate in our walk with Jesus.

5.  Application: God’s Word does not say to honor our father and mother on designated days during the year, it is a commandment that applies every day.  Come up with 3 meaningful things you can do over the next year to honor your mother and/or father.


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