Passage: Philippians 4:4-9

1.  Verse 4 tells us to rejoice always in the Lord.  When the cares of the world are weighing you down, what reminds you to rejoice?

2.  Verse 7 says that we have access to a peace from God that surpasses all understanding, so why aren’t more Christians experiencing this kind of peace?  Are you?

3.  Why do you think Paul takes the time to remind the Philippians in verse 5 that the Lord is near?  How does it relate to the rest of this passage?

4.  Discuss why humans are so prone to worry and how the Lord can use it.

5.  Application:  In verse 9, Paul exhorts us to follow his example.  Before we can do that, we must understand Paul’s example.  What are some of the attributes of Paul that we should be emulating?

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