Passage:  1 Peter 1:3-9

1.  Our burdens, whether they’re good ones or bad ones, have a purpose.  What do you think is ultimately the purpose of our burdens?

2.  Is it a good thing that we allow the trials and troubles of this world to weigh us down, or should we instead be burdened for the things of God?  Discuss if this affects your answer to question #1.

3.  In verse 7, our faith is described as being much more precious than gold.  Is that how you see your faith?  Why or why not?

4.  Since faith is much more precious than gold, should we be surprised that God goes to such great lengths to find it and purify it?  Why then to we allow ourselves to become miserable in trials and temptations?

5.  Application:  Verse 8 tells us that we ought to rejoice in our trials with unspeakable joy, but not many Christians today do this.  How do we change our hearts so that we can rejoice in our burdens and our sufferings?

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