Life Group Discussion Questions

Week of November 20, 2011

Passage: 2 Chronicles 32:24-25

1.  In light of the response Hezekiah received from the Lord (God spoke to him, healed him, and gave him an amazing sign) it is very easy to be baffled by the king’s lack of gratitude.  Why then are we not baffled at the ingratitude of Christians today in light of what we have received of God? Have we received any less than Hezekiah did, or even more?

2.  God’s Word is very clear that self sufficiency is fully present with God but fully an illusion with man, so how can it be that this lie of our own self sufficiency is so prevalent today even within the church?

3.  What are some of the attributes that exemplify a thankful Christian?

4.  Application:  Can you think of something in your life you’ve failed to give God thanks for?  What stopped you then, and what is stopping you now?

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