Passage: 2 Chronicles 7:14

1.  In your experience, what does it typically take to get people to the point of humbling themselves before God?  How does God get us there?

2.  Why is spiritual revival America’s greatest need, and why do Christians need reviving?

3.  Referring to the context of the passage, what is it that God is promising to heal us from?

4.  What do you think it means to “seek God’s face”?

5.  Application:  Do you find yourself more concerned with the sins of others than with your own?  Do you think the world sees and responds to the inherent hypocrisy of that?

6.  Application: Look at the four steps of revival (Pride, Prayer, Pursuit, Turning from Perverseness). What is something God has put on your heart to fix in one of those areas?

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