Passage: 2 Chronicles 34: 1-3, 8, 14-21

1.  Josiah was born and raised in a fallen nation, most likely without many godly role models, but he loved the Lord anyway.  Given his situation, what do you think led him to choose the Lord?

2.  In verses 19-21 we see Josiah’s powerful reaction upon the hearing of God’s Word.  Compare this with the reactions you’ve seen when people are presented with God’s Word today.  What makes the difference?

3.  What does this chapter show us concerning the neglecting of the reading of God’s Word?  Name some ways we can effectively counteract this in our own lives.

4.  As self-proclaimed people of the Book, we are responsible to make sure the Book is never marginalized in our homes.  What kind of influence does the Bible have upon the environment in your home?   Have you allowed it enough influence to counteract the carnal influence of the world?

5.  Josiah followed his conscience and did what pleased God long before he’d ever heard God’s Word.  Is there a lesson in that for us?  If so, what is it?

6.  Application:  A sixteen year old boy had the backbone to purge Israel of all her idols and altars to false gods, and to replace it with true worship.  Do we have the backbone to do the same in our own lives and homes today?


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