Suggested Icebreaker:  What does your family do to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Day?

Passage:  Luke 24:1-11

1.  What did you learn or takeaway from this week’s message?

2.  Why does Jesus still bear the marks of His crucifixion?  Do you suppose that we shall bear our scars in our new bodies?

3.  Why won’t the lost accept the evidence of Christ’s resurrection?  Is there anything that can convince them?

4.  What changed inside the Disciples after they saw Christ risen from the dead?  Besides the resurrection itself, is there any other way to account for their sudden change of heart and boldness?

5.  Why did these women come to the tomb? How come they came so early in the morning? What caused them to be perplexed?

6.  Who rolled away the stone and why? Who were the two men that were at the tomb?

7.  How come the angels didn’t just go to where the disciples were assembled to tell them that Christ was no longer in the tomb?  What is the importance of the empty tomb being seen by the women and the disciples?

8.  Why didn’t the disciples remember the words of Christ which He spoke to them when they were in Galilee, concerning the fact that He would rise again after three days?

9.  Why were the grave clothes left behind? What is the significance of the grave clothes being wrapped together?

10.  Application:  Are you prepared to present the evidence for Christ’s resurrection to the unsaved today?  If you are, whom have you told lately?

11.  Reflection:  What has changed about you since you accepted Christ?  Who around you needs to hear that testimony?

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