Suggested Icebreaker:  Which is your favorite Disney animated movie, and why?

*** Summarize this week’s message from the Pastor’s Sermon Notes. ***

Passage: Proverbs 3:11-12, Hebrews 12:5-11

1.  What are some of the ways the Lord has chastened you?  Did you grow because of it?

2.  Why do God’s children become weary of His chastisement?  How do we avoid that attitude?

3.  How can we tell when we’re being chastened by the Lord, as compared to the other various tribulations that might come our way?

4.  What are some of the reasons why we might not be chastened of the Lord?  For each reason, how should we rightly respond?

5.  Application:  Should Christians chastise one another?  What are the dangers associated with doing so, and how do we avoid them?

6.  Application: What is the right response to God’s chastisement?  How do we remember that even while we’re in the midst of being chastened?

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