Suggested Icebreaker:  Have you ever had a day where everything went wrong? How about a day where everything seemed to go great?  Describe it for the group.

Topic: God’s Not Dead

*Watch the Session 2 video clip and read Job 1:1-22

1.  Consider verses 13-19.  If you were Job hearing this terrible news, what might you be feeling?  What kinds of questions might you be asking?

2.  Thinking back to one of the “good days” that was described earlier, what thoughts or questions about God do you remember having while it was happening or when it was over?

3.  What thoughts and/or questions do we typically have on our “bad days”?

4.  Which type of days help us grow stronger in our faith and develop a stronger relationship with God?  Why do you think that is?

5.  Consider verses 6-12.  What do you think Mary (the mother with Alzheimer’s)  would say to Job?

6.  Consider verses 20-22.  What do you think would be Job’s response to Mark (Mary’s son)?

*Read Matthew 7:24-27

7. How would you apply this verse to Mark and Mary from the video clip?  How does this passage apply to Job and his story?

8.  How does one build their life “on the sand”?  What does that look like from the world’s perspective?  From a spiritual perspective?

9.  By contrast, how does one build their life “on the rock”?  How does this appear from the world’s perspective?  From a spiritual perspective?

10.  Is your life built on the sand, or on the rock?  How do you know?

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