Suggested Icebreaker: What is your favorite board or card game?

*** Summarize this week’s message from the Pastor’s Sermon Notes. ***

Passage: Ephesians 3:14-19

1.  What did you learn or takeaway from this week’s message?

2.  How filled are you with the love of God?  How does God’s love manifest itself in your life?

3.  What does it mean to be “filled with the fulness of God”?  How can we tell if someone is full of God?

4.  How do we even begin to comprehend the love of Christ?  How has the love of Christ been made manifest to us?

5.  What happens when God’s children are not filled with the love of Christ?  What happens when they ARE?

6.  Application:  How do we respond to the realization that we have allowed something other than love to motivate us?  Are there other motivations that are as valid as love?

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