Suggested Icebreaker: Which store would you rather shop at, Walmart or Fred Meyer’s?  Why?

*** Summarize this week’s message from the Pastor’s Sermon Notes. ***

Passage: Leviticus 25:8-23

1.  If God had wanted to, He could have created a world where nothing required rest…but He didn’t.  Why was the land created with the need to rest?

2.  Why did Jubilee start with the sound of a trumpet (as compared to any other loud noise they might have used)?

3.  What does the Jubilee mean for, and represent to, the Church?

4.  Do we forgive the debts of others as we should?  Why, or why not?

5.  Why do you suppose the Jews never actually observed the Jubilee (as far as we can tell)?

6.  Application:  How will you make a joyful noise unto the Lord during our Jubilee?  What holds us back from getting that excited the rest of the year?

7.  Application:  Are we listening for the sound of the trumpet today?  Are you ready?

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