ICE BREAKER: Share a Valentine Day blessing.


1.  How do you think Simon felt about being compelled to carry Jesus’s cross?

2. Why did Jesus tell the “daughters of Jerusalem” not to weep for Him (Luke 23:27)?

3. What do the “green tree” and “the dry” signify (Luke 23:31)?

4. How do you think carrying Jesus cross impacted or changed Simon’s life? Do you believe he eventually got saved?

5. What is significant about Mark 15:21 mentioning Simon’s sons?

6. How do you respond to “an unexpected cross” that is forced upon you in life?

7.  Jesus’ cross was undoubtedly already bloody by the time Simon picked it up.  How do you suppose he might have felt about having his best Passover outfit marked with the blood of Jesus?  Do you think his feelings changed as he learned more about who Jesus was?
8.  Application:  What cross do you pick up and carry daily for Jesus?  Can the world see you doing it?
9.  Reflection:  Simon initially only picked up the cross because he was compelled to do so.  Have you picked up your cross out of love, or have you made the Lord compel you?
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