Suggested Icebreaker:  What’s your favorite thing to do when the power goes out?

Passage: Genesis 22:1-14

1.  What did you learn or takeaway from this week’s message?

2.  If God can see into our hearts, and thus knows us better than we even know ourselves, then what is the point of testing us?  Why must our testing be so difficult to endure?
3.  What is your most valuable possession?  Have you given it to God?  Why or why not?
4.  Besides testing us, what are some other means that God will employ to help us grow spiritually?
5.  Application:  How do we become completely yielded to God’s will, like Abraham?  What might it cost?  What might be gained?
6.  Application:  Why do we find it difficult sometimes to trust God?  How do we move past our lack of trust, even when God’s will doesn’t seem to make sense to us?
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