Suggested Icebreaker:  What is your all-time favorite hymn?
Passage:  Matthew 12:24-37
  1. What did you learn or take away from this week’s message?
  2. Is there any conclusive evidence that a person is possessed by a devil today (Mt. 12:22)?
  3. What made the Pharisees want to slander Jesus to His face while He was doing something good? What are some ways that people still slander Jesus today?
  4. Why would Christ’s enemies charge Him with being in league with Satan (Mt. 12:24)?
  5. Why would slandering the Son of Man be forgiven, but slandering the Holy Spirit NOT be forgiven?
  6. In what ways may a nation, family, or church be divided against itself (Mt. 12:25-26)?
  7. Who is the strong man in this passage?  Is he still bound today?
  8. How could the “children” (followers) of the Pharisees cast out devils (Mt. 12:27 cf. Acts 19:13)?
  9. Why can’t there be any “middle ground” when it comes to Jesus Christ (Mt. 12:30)?
  10. Application:  What is the difference between refusing to accept Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit today, and the blaspheming of the Holy Spirit that Jesus spoke of in Mark 3:28-30?
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