Suggested Icebreaker:  What did you do this year to honor your Mother?

Passage: Luke 7:11-17

1.  What did you learn or takeaway from this week’s message?

2.  Since Jesus was moved with compassion by this mother’s plight and raised her son from the dead, why does He allow others to suffer loss and endure tragedies?

3.  What do you suppose the boy’s first words might have been when he arose?  Why were his words not recorded in the Gospels?

4.  Why did Jesus walk all the way to Nain in the first place?  What does this tell us about Jesus’ timing?

5.  Application:  Why did Jesus have compassion on the widow instead of on her dead son?  What did Jesus do about the suffering He saw?  What would you have done?

6.  Application:  How did the crowd react to this boy being raised from the dead by Jesus?  How are you reacting today to the new life Jesus has given you?

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