Suggested Icebreaker: Are you a morning person or a night owl?

*** Summarize this week’s message from the Pastor’s Sermon Notes. ***

Passage: John 14:1-6

1.  What did you learn or takeaway from this week’s message?

2.  What do you think your Heavenly home might look like?  What kinds of things would you include and/or exclude, and why?

3.  Verse six of this passage says that Jesus is the Way.  Why aren’t there multiple paths to Heaven?

4.  Why does Jesus want to dwell with us forever?  Why do you want to dwell with Jesus forever?

5.  Is there someone you would never want to see in Heaven?  Do you think God feels the same way towards that person?   Why the difference?

6.  Application:  How do we make our homes here more like Heaven and less like Hell?  Why should we try?

7.  Application:  Jesus has Heaven prepared to receive you, are you prepared for Heaven?  How do we prepare for Heaven?  Do we have a role in helping one another prepare for eternity?

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