Suggested Icebreaker: What is your favorite restaurant in Kitsap County?

*** Summarize this week’s message from the Pastor’s Sermon Notes. ***

Passage: Nehemiah 2:17-20

1.  What did you learn or takeaway from this week’s message?

2.  Why were the walls of Jerusalem in ruins in the first place?  Could this have been prevented?  How can this be applied to us as individuals?

3.  The people didn’t seem anxious to rebuild the walls of their city…why were they so complacent?  Could the same thing happen to us?  How do we stop it?

4.  What are some of the things that can motivate God’s people to serve Him?  What causes Christians to stop (or never start) serving the Lord?

5.  Application:  Why do we need walls in our lives?  How do we find the holes in our walls?  How do we repair them?

6.  Application:  Were the walls of Jerusalem repaired by one man?  Will the gospel of Jesus Christ reach the whole world through the preaching of just one man?  There’s plenty of room for more workers at the wall, will you help?

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