Suggested Icebreaker: Have you ever been ditched by a friend?  If you aren’t still bitter about it, tell the story!

Topic: God’s Not Dead

*Watch the Session 4 video clip and read Proverbs 18:24

1.  What’s the worst thing about getting ditched by a friend?  Have you ever done the ditching?

2.  In your opinion, what constitutes an “unreliable” friend?  How could keeping company with unreliable friends “ruin” us?

3.  Once someone has demonstrated that they are an unreliable friend, is there a way for them to redeem themselves?  How?

4.  In the movie, Josh says that he considers Jesus his friend, a friend he doesn’t want to let down.  How do some people (probably most of us at some point) prove themselves to be unreliable friends of Jesus?

5.  How do some people prove their reliability as Jesus’ friend?

6.  Do you consider yourself to be a reliable or unreliable friend of Jesus?

*Read Matthew 18:21-22

7.  How do people, even Christians, typically respond when hurt by an unreliable friend?

8.  Are we to take this passage to mean that there is a 490 limit on forgiveness?  Should friendships/relationships end when forgiveness number 491 becomes necessary?

9.  If there were a limit on forgiveness, what would that mean with regard to our relationship with God?

10.  Does unlimited forgiveness make it ok to do things we know are wrong?  Does it make it ok to ignore doing things we know are right?


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