Ice-Breaker:  Share an experience when you went fishing.  What happened?

Sermon summary:  Read John 21:1-14.   The disciples were waiting for Jesus at Galilee as He told them.  While waiting, they go fishing but catch nothing.  Jesus shows up on shore the next morning, but they don’t recognize Him at first. After following Jesus’ instructions they catch 153 great fish.  It was a miracle. When they come to shore, Jesus is waiting with fish already cooking on the fire.

1. Only seven of the disciple were present in this account (John 21:2). Why these particular seven?  Where do you suppose the other disciples were?

2. Why did Peter decide to go fishing (John 21:3)?  Was it right or wrong?

3. Why didn’t they catch any fish after fishing all night?  What was the problem? (Hint: John 15:5).

4. What is implied by Jesus calling the disciples “children” (John 21:5)?

5. Why did Christ ask the question in John 21:5 when He is omniscient?

6. Why did the disciples follow Christ’s instructions to cast their net on the right side of the boat when they did not recognize it was Him on the shore? They could have said, “Hey buddy—Mind your own business,” but they obeyed anyway.  Why?

7. John 21:1 says, “on this wise showed he himself.”  What was it about this appearance of Jesus that made Himself known to His disciples? [Hint: Luke 5:1-11]

8. How did John recognized it was Jesus on the shore (John 21:7)?  Why was John the first to recognize Jesus and not Peter?

9. Where did the fish come from that were already being cooked on the shore before the disciples arrived with the fish they caught (John 21:9)?  What does this teach you?

10. What is the significance of God recording the exact number of fish they caught (John 21:11)?

APPLICATION  What can we learn from this episode of fishing?  What can we learn from this Scripture about “fishing for men?”

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