ICEBREAKER:  What was one of your most memorable times you spent with your Dad?

SCRIPTURE: Luke 8:41-56

1.  What did you take away from Sunday’s message of “JAIRUS: A Great Dad?”

2.  .How do you think Jairus felt about the woman interrupting Jesus coming to heal his dying daughter?

3.  Why was Jairus “astonished” (v. 56) when Jesus raised his daughter after Jesus already assured him “Fear not: believe only, and she shall be made whole” (v. 50).

4.  What are some ways the world still “laughs Jesus to scorn”? (v. 53)

5.  Why do you think Jesus commanded that they give the daughter something to eat after she was raised (v. 55)?

6.  Why do you think Jesus told Jairus’ parents not to tell anyone about their daughter being raised from the dead (v. 56)?

APPLICATION:  What are some things a parent do to ensure your child will be a successful, especially in living for God?


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