We try to offer a variety of ministries as needed.

IF you don’t see what you want, perhaps you need to come alongside us and get it started?

  • BIBLE CLASSES - For ALL ages, including ADULTS
  • BIBLE STUDIES in homes (called Life Groups at BBC)
  • Bible Institute  (FBI) We offer a three year program and diploma for members and non-members
  • Children Ministries - The future of our church. Reach the children today!
  • FELLOWSHIP - Heaven will be sweet with Fellowship. Get a head start down here!
  • LIFE Groups - Our small group bible study ministry, meeting in homes!
  • MEN - Men are the stability of our work. Men are important.
  • MISSIONS - Around the world and at home.
  • OUTREACH - Local outreach beyond our walls
  • EPIC TEENS – Our teens are training to serve the next generation.
  • WOMEN – Secret sisters and special meetings throughout the year for fellowship, learning to work and play together.