BBC is all about reaching Port Orchard!

We offer many ways to get involved in getting the gospel into the community.

G.R.O.W. – God Rewards Our Work (PDF: ABOUT GROW)

Bible Baptist has incorporated the G.R.O.W. program into our outreach efforts and we find it a great way to get many people involved who might not normally be involved in church outreach. The G.R.O.W. program requires a minimal commitment with a maximum return for your time. Reaching other people one by one via mail is something anyone can do… G.R.O.W. involves many of our people for visiting, phone calling, and sending mail to new residents in our area, notes to our own people who need a message and touch of encouragement. What have YOU personally done to reach another soul? We have found a way that you can do this AND have fun serving God at the same time!  Get involved in the G.R.O.W. program! It’s personal, powerful and impacts so many people for the Lord!

SIGN WAVING  – “Signs of Love”

Another OUTREACH program that we find successful is “sign waving”. 

We have professionally produced signs to make the community aware of BBC. Our signs are inoffensive by design and are invitation oriented. When people visit our church after seeing the signs, we get the gospel to them to whatever level they are in their spiritual walk.

Sign waving is a fun, informal and rewarding monthly activity on a nearby street corner for a few hours. Anyone can hold a SIGN, WAVE and SMILE. CHILDREN and Seniors are both able to do this fun and easy task!

TRACT Distribution

Tract distribution at the PSNS shipyard gates. Early mornings at the shipyard gate. Contact us for the schedule or watch the bulletin. We also tract at public gatherings, such as local skate board park, parades and other areas where people gather.


The GLORY HOUR Local TV broadcast

9 AM Sundays on local public station BKAT

Channel 3 in South Kitsap
Channel 12 in North Kitsap