Sermons from April 2013

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Tactic of Manipulation

This chapter divides into two parts: 1. Joab’s manipulation of David to receive Absalom back (14:1-28) 2. Absalom’s manipulation of Joab to get him to appeal to David (14:29-33)
Manipulation is a ploy used to control people (the control game).

Art of Manipulation, The

Some “friends” are not really friends. Jonadab was supposed to be Amnon’s friend (v. 3). Yet, he knew from the beginning that Absalom planned to murder Amnon (13:32). He could have warned Amnon about Absalom’s plot, but he didn’t. Some kind of “friend.”

Friend or Foe, part 2


You must establish standards and convictions based in the Word of God about what is right and wrong. Biblical standards can restrain you from doing something you will later regret.