Sermons from June 2013

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Look of Love, The


Jesus was at the upper end of the hall of Caiaphas. Enough distance separated Jesus from Peter that neither the words of Peter could be heard, nor could a look of Christ from one end of it to the other could have been established. The look of Jesus to Peter came as Jesus was being down the hall out through the porch, past the fire, on His way to stand before the Sanhedrin. As Jesus passed by where Peter was standing at the fire, “the Lord turned and looked upon Peter.”

The Father’s Love


By a son demanding his inheritance before the death of his father, he was implying he wanted his father to die. In essence, he was saying, “Dad, I wish you were dead. You are standing in the way of my plans, and they don’t include you or this family. I want my freedom. I want what is coming to me, now, and I’m out of here.”



In our text we find the disciples distraught, discouraged, and disconcerted after Christ’s death (Luke 24:36-40). Jesus appears to them and they are TERRIFIED and AFFRIGHTED thinking they are seeing a ghost (v. 37)! Jesus calmed their fears with three words—“Behold my hands…”

How To Study Your Bible-part 5

It is a MISTAKE to believe salvation is the same in every dispensation. Although the WAY of salvation has always been by grace through faith, the APPLICATION of faith has changed throughout the ages. For a man to be “saved” in any dispensation depended on how he applied his faith. If he believed what God told him to do, he would be saved.