Sermons from October 2013

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Reconciling the Love of God and Hell


…most of us don’t like thinking about hell. The question we face is: “How can a loving God allow people to go to hell and burn forever?” Most of the time, people use this question as an excuse to justify their rejection of God and the Bible.

Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters


The cliche is: “What goes around, comes around.” — This was the practice of the Egyptian farmers along the Nile River. In the spring the Nile would overflow it banks and flood the valleys. A farmer would then cast his seed on the top of the flood water. When the river receded back to it’s banks, the seed settled down in the rich soil that was left behind. Weeks later a bountiful crop was harvested.

Getting People to Jesus


The healing of the man sick of the palsy (like a stroke— paralyzed — unable to walk) is a picture of an unsaved man paralyzed by sin. The man was saved because of four men who brought him to Jesus. The same things it took to get this man to Jesus are the same things it takes for us today to people to Jesus.

Why Sit We Here Until We Die?


People want to have some control over their death. On 9/11 when the Twin Towers were on fire and about to collapse, people were jumping to their death out of windows. They knew they were going to die, either by being burned alive, or by jumping to their death. They wanted to be in control of their fate and how they died. At the Invasion of Normandy during WW2, a group of soldiers were pinned down on the beachhead by Nazi gun fire on a cliff. The commander exhorted his men, “They’re murdering us down here. Come on, let’s attack and get murdered up there!” It was a matter of dying on the beach or climbing the hill. At least they would die fighting!

How To Have a Good Day


Taught at Men’s Breakfast October 5, 2013 Read 1 Peter 3:10-17 (text v. 10) One of the most often used cliches we hear today is: “Have a good/nice day,” or, “Have a blessed day.” It is said as though the person saying it has the power to make your day good or blessed. I’ve said […]