Sermons from November 2013

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Ten, the Nine, and the One


Thanksgiving is more than a holiday we celebrate—it is a condition of the heart! More than a DAY—it is a DUTY.
Thanksgiving is not an OPTION. It is an OBLIGATION! We are commanded to always give thanks in all things!

A Wise Choice


This chapter deals with Solomon’s acquisition of wisdom in answer to prayer. James 3:15-17 speaks of two kinds of wisdom: (1) earthly wisdom; and (2) “wisdom that is from above.” The wisdom Solomon received was “from above.”

Christian Soldiers


The soldier’s TASK. – FOLLOW their commander. Veterans learned to follow the orders of their leaders. The Christian follows the orders of the captain of their salvation—Jesus Christ -Heb. 2:10. We seek His approval -v. 4.

Perfecting of Gods Love


An unsaved man, with only a depraved nature, is incapable of “agape” type love (God-like unconditional love). Peoples’ motives in loving are basically tainted by self-interests. They show “love” for what they can get.

Prayer Warrior


Prayer is essential for a soldier on the battlefield. In any war, communication is essential. Soldiers must be in communication with their commander-in chief at all times — Heb. 2:10.